Brew Guides

From the first day a new coffee arrives into our restaurants and take out bars, we are thinking about the best way to showcase its individual character. We do this by continually evaluating our brewing methods; making subtle changes until we reach the full potential. These brew guides are our take on some of our favourite brewing devices. Our brewer tip is to be consistent with your method, make small changes to your grind size or brewing time, document the changes and figure out your own preferred style and methods, using ours as your blank canvas.

Bean Journey


Caravan’s Sourcing Principles are simple: economic freedom for all, environmental stewardship, and the pursuit of mighty fine coffee. Three broad areas of focus which are the foundation of our values as an organisation. Alongside our strict standards on roasting, service, and education, we are committed to creating and sustaining impact-driven partnerships throughout our supply network, ensuring that each batch we roast and each cup we serve helps support the communities we work with.

To us, economic freedom simply means the ability to access sufficient production technology, market information, and profit-making prices year on year. We work directly with producers as well as with social justice-driven importers to ensure we are listening and adapting to the changing realities of the producers and communities we buy from. We make all our purchases on fixed price contracts which are above the cost of production, using data-driven methods and frequent communication with our partners to ensure our volume commitments and direct-to-farmer prices remain profitable, even as the market changes. Equally fundamental to us as a business, and as we know, crucial to our partners as well, is protecting the natural environment and combating the climate emergency. We believe that there is a dangerous lack of investment in real, innovative solutions to climate problems, particularly in the coffee industry.

This is why we are partnering with 1% for the Planet, a global network of donor businesses which aims to make up the massive deficit of environmental giving from the private sector, and to collectively raise awareness of the urgent need for climate policy and action. Our commitment means that Caravan Coffee Roasters will donate 1% of our total revenue every year to environmental non-profits which are working to create a healthier planet. In the coming years, we will continue to learn from leaders in social justice and climate change innovation, we’ll focus on creating net positive practices in our core competencies of sourcing and roasting delicious coffee, and we’ll support our wholesale partners and our customers throughout the world so that they can build on and feedback to any and all of our ideas, transparently. We invite you to learn more about these issues and contact us with any suggestions or questions – we’re always happy to chat.


Our approach to roasting comes from our appreciation of the culinary experience, starting with the basics: delicious ingredients, well prepared, presented beautifully. We believe that great coffee should be enjoyed in whatever way you like - no judgement - so we craft our offering to be delightful as filter or espresso, in milk or without.

All year long, our Head of Coffee selects fresh, in-season lots from around the world, while our roasting and quality control teams carefully monitor the roasting process using daily cuppings and constant data logging, ensuring each roast always allows the coffee’s terroir – the natural flavours of the origin and the craftmanship of the producer - to express itself. Our blends, both espresso and filter, are built upon complementary components, aiming for both flavour harmony and ease of brewing. Last but not least, we roast all our coffees to order, packaging the beans straight out of the roaster and doing all we can to get them into the hands of our customers at their very peak.

At Lambworks, Caravan’s roastery in the Islington neighbourhood of north London, we roast Monday to Friday on a Loring Peregrine S70. Loring machines are the most efficient machines on the market, using up to 80% less gas than the average drum roaster. This is because the Loring uses primarily hot air in the roasting process, referred to as ‘convective’ heat, instead of ‘conductive’ heat from a direct gas flame like many other roasters do. This convective heat model produces a remarkably clean taste in the cup, with less risk of scorching the beans due to contact with the hot metal drum. What’s more, by superheating and then recirculating hot air, energy within the Loring is recaptured, therefore using far less gas and creating much less smoke and chaff. With a maximum capacity of 70kg, we can comfortably roast an entire 60kg sack of coffee within 12 minutes, reducing our carbon footprint and becoming more efficient in the process.