Brew Guides

From the first day a new coffee arrives into our restaurants and take out bars, we are thinking about the best way to showcase its individual character. We do this by continually evaluating our brewing methods; making subtle changes until we reach the full potential. These brew guides are our take on some of our favourite brewing devices. Our brewer tip is to be consistent with your method, make small changes to your grind size or brewing time, document the changes and figure out your own preferred style and methods, using ours as your blank canvas.

Bean Journey


Our aim is to source the best quality green coffee we can in the most sustainable, social and environmental way.

We invest a lot of time into the process of sourcing and are continually working on how we approach green coffee. With our direct trade sourcing we believe you must be present and accessible to the producers. We do this by travelling to origin monthly, (to certain producers at least 4 times a year); continually fostering and nurturing the relationships we have established. By sharing information and collaborating together, we can help to add value to the whole process and this ultimately means we are paying the producer more for a better quality product. We only work with coffee importers who share our values and methodology and who have extensive relationships with the coffee producers of the coffee we buy. We recognise the complexities of sourcing quality green coffee with true mindfulness to social and environmental impact and understand that many days will be a work in progress and a learning curve. What we can pledge is that each day we are taking that journey and working our hardest at it.


As coffee roasters we are responsible for translating a coffees unique taste and heritage. We use our hard earned expertise to achieve this, founded on the framework of education and trial and error.

Our goal is to showcase the care, craft and hard work of the coffee’s producer; whether this is an individual farmer, a washing station or a cooperative; we are the intrinsic link in the sensory chain. We use Probat roasters and cropster roasting technology to carefully monitor the roast curve, development time and total roast time. By controlling these factors and understanding the raw material we can achieve varied degrees of flavour and profiles to bring out the best characteristics of every coffee we roast. By the end of a roasting week, after every batch has been quality tested, the green beans that began their journey in some of the most beautiful places on earth have been roasted with care and attention and will make their way to coffee drinkers throughout the UK and the rest of the world.  Roasting can be long hours of tough monotonous work, but we will never complain because we love what we do!