We are delighted to announce our first ever holiday blend, Xmas Brü! We've carefully sourced and selected two coffees that we believe embody the festive Christmas season to perfection.

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350g Whole Bean

  • Component 1

    50% El Cipres

  • Component 2

    50% Kilimbi CWS

  • Process 1


  • Process 2



The first coffee of this 50/50 blend comes from husband and wife producers, Yader and Karen Vladimir. Together they own a small farm in the highlands of Jinotega, in the western mountain ranges of Nicaragua. The farm, Finca El Cipres, has four hectares of beautiful coffee trees, grown under the shade of Cypress pine trees, the farm's namesake. We first visited Yader and Karen in March 2016 and made the return visit in February earlier this year; the coffee from El Cipres has a predominant flavour of rich chocolate and also provides the cinnamon characteristics to this blend.

The second component of this blend comes from Kilimbi Washing Station, which is perched on the shores of Lake Kivu in Southern Rwanda. Our exporting partners, Muraho Trading Company, founded Kilimbi washing station during the early months of 2016, and we've been lucky enough to be partnered with them since day one. All of the 463 coffee families who provide coffee cherry to Kilimbi Washing Station are paid more than the local cherry price, making it one of the highest paying washing stations in all of Rwanda. The coffee is farmed in the surrounding hills, and even the small islands on Lake Kivu; the coffee has distinct characteristics of red currant, nutmeg, and salted caramel.

When combined, these two coffees create a harmonious drinking experience, to be enjoyed around the Christmas table, in front of the fire, or, in bed with a loved one! Happy Christmas from the team at Caravan Coffee Roasters, Yader and Karen Vladimir, and the Kilimbi Washing Station family!




Xmas Brü has been roasted to suit both espresso and filter brewing. For filter brewing, we recommend using a ratio of 6g's of freshly ground coffee, per 100ml of boiled, filtered water. If you like it slightly stronger, add an extra gram or two, and adjust to taste. For espresso, we recommend a dose of 18g, to a yield of 34/36g, aiming for a total extraction time of 30 seconds. If you like your espresso syrupy, strive for a prolonged extraction time, maintaining the same brewing parameters mentioned above. For more clarity, stick to the recipe, or even shorten the extraction time to highlight the acidity.