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Sourced and roasted with consistency and accessibility in mind, the Daily Blend is a progressive response and reboot of the traditional classic coffee. Sweet and clean with a low acidity, this is the blend that you will find us brewing at home and enjoying in Caravan's restaurants after dinner.

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  • Component 1

    Guatemala - Jalapa Co-operative – 25%

  • Component 2

    Kenya – Nyeri Regional – 25%

  • Component 3

    Indonesia - Blue Toba - 25%

  • Component 4

    Brazil - Mantiqueira – 25%


The Daily’s signature flavour profile of dark chocolate, peanut brittle and baking spice is achieved through a seasonal rotation of fresh crop coffees that steadily flow through our roastery here in London. Each lot selected for the blend has been rigorously tested by our roasters, buyers and QC team several times over before making it to your grinders and your cup. This careful and methodical approach ensures that with each new addition to the blend, consistency and quality is never sacrificed.

This latest iteration of the Daily Blend sees the addition of a naturally processed Brazilian coffee; a blend made up from farms in the Mantiqueira de Minas region. The combination of Brazil and Guatemala brings some seriously heavyweight chocolate, caramel and nut flavours to the blend, which find their perfect foil in the spicy, complex and rich pairing of Kenya and Sumatra. Low acidity, thick-bodied, fantastic with milk & suitable for all-day drinking.


Brewing Guide

It is worth noting that when brewing as an espresso this blend is extremely forgiving and works well with a variety of doses and extraction times. A good starting point when dialling in (which is our go to ratio of 1:2 for espresso brewing) is 19g ground coffee extracted over 33 seconds to produce 38g of espresso.