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Off Grid looks to explore and showcase exceptional coffees that hide in the shadows. Be it rare varietals, unique forms of processing, unusual flavours, or extremely high cupping scores.

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350g Whole Bean

  • Region

    Espindola, Loja

  • Varietal

    Caturra, Bourbon, Typica

  • Elevation

    1600-1800 masl

  • Farm

    8 Smallholders

  • Process


This incarnation comes from the southern depths of Ecuador, bang on the border with Peru, in a region called Espindola, which named after the river that crosses through the hills of the region. This special coffee is the collaborative effort of eight farmers and their families.

Specialty coffee is still a fairly new venture for Ecuador; Robusta makes up most of the coffee export and could be considered the root cause of the lack of specialty coffee production. One of the primary concerns for the production of high-quality coffee in Ecuador is the lack of education about crop husbandry, particularly around the use of fertilization. Unfortunately for the producers in Loja, there is a serious lack of rainfall, meaning it almost desert-like in some parts. The meager rainfall also means there is a shortage of organic matter to create nutrient rich soil, creating a serious hurdle for producers. Lukas, our guide in the region, offered a simple solution; use the water and cherry husk from the pulping process, mix it with waste produced on the farm, scraps, fruits and vegetables, and make a natural compost. Lukas is confident that repeating this process over the course of three years will improve the coffee quality by up to 15%, and that the trees could improve production by 50%.





This coffee shines through a multitude of different brewing methods; however, we’ve had outstanding results when using an Aeropress. Try a dose of 16g to 260ml of water, with a step time of 2 minutes. The result should be a super clean cup, highlighting those tropical fruit flavours of Kiwifruit and Papaya!