Musa Aba Lulesa



Our second Ethiopian coffee of the year is a delicious natural process from the Djimmah region, produced by Musa Aba Lulesa. As the birthplace of wild arabica, the coffees produced from this country are complex and intriguing with floral and citric notes. This lot is naturally processed, adding a deep sweetness to balance the bright and sparkly acidity.

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  • Region


  • Varietal

    Ethiopian Landraces, JARC selections

  • Elevation

    2000 – 2150 MASL

  • Producer

    Musa Aba Lulesa

  • Process



Our sourcing ethos at Caravan has always been based around two key principles, the first being mutually beneficial trade, paying fair prices for every coffee we source without exception. The second is a clear line of provenance and traceability between producer and roaster, with communication and partnership a cornerstone to effective and ethical trading.

The one exception to the latter principle has always been Ethiopia. Whilst top-grade Ethiopian coffee has always attracted a fair price, regulations regarding the sale of coffee through the Ethiopian commodity exchange (ECX) have long stymied true provenance. To maintain some degree of traceability was possible through brokers, buying larger lots from co-operatives or well known washing stations, but the line of information and communication was often thin and tenuous.

Recent and well received changes to these regulations has opened up the path for greater transparency in our Ethiopian sourcing, as smallholder farmers are now about to receive private export licenses to sell coffee outside of the ECX, allowing a clear line of traceability between farmer and roaster, something we will always champion with our coffee buying plans.

This coffee was produced by Musa Aba Lulesa, in the town of Bashasha in the Agaro region of Djimmah, Ethiopia. Agaro has long had a reputation for producing top-notch coffees, as it is the location of several well-known co-operatives like Biftu Gudina, Duromina, and Hunda Oli.

Buying from a single producer allows us to focus on a more narrow and nuanced set of attributes in the cup, exploring new and interesting flavours that may have been lost in the mix of a co-op’s lot.

Having started with a 6 ha. farm, Musa now farms over 40 ha. with his own washing station and drying beds. His coffees are selectively picked and processed with impeccable care, before drying on raised beds. His goals are to continuously improve his coffee quality, and to keep building washing stations and drying beds on his farm.




We’ve been brewing Musa’s coffee in an Aeropress in the QC lab. Prepare an aeropress in the normal position, rinsing the filter to preheat. Add 16g of coffee ground fine, before pouring 240g of soft, fresh 96c water. Stir for 15 seconds. Carefully the decanter and aeropress off the scales, attach the plunger, and leave to sit for 2 minutes. Plunge slowly over 30s, stopping before the hiss.