The Market Blend has been our flagship espresso blend since we opened our doors in Exmouth Market in 2010. Blended exclusively with coffees that we’ve sourced at origin with producers with whom we enjoy an open, active relationship, the aim with Market Blend has always been to showcase high quality, in-season coffees, with a clear and traceable provenance.

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  •                                                                    Region

    Huila, Colombia; Sidama, Ethiopia

  • Producer Groups

    El Carmen Association; Sidama Cooperative

  • Harvest Period

    February to October 2020

  • Average Farm Size

    <1 to 3 Hectares

  • Process

    Fully Washed


We roast the Market Blend to highlight the most interesting characteristics of the components, bringing more fruit-forward and lively flavour notes to the forefront whilst retaining overall balance for a delicious & lip-smacking espresso.

Our latest edition of Market sees the arrival of fresh crop Colombian coffee, sourced from the El Carmen co-operative in Huila. Caravan have been buying coffee from El Carmen for the last four years and the coffee they produce has been a foundational part of our blends. The El Carmen provides base notes of roasted plums, green apple and hazelnut praline, which blends beautifully with the citrus and floral top notes of the Ethiopian Sidama component. A classic juicy pairing of Colombia and Ethiopia for the perfect winter flat white or long black.


Brewing Guide

Roasted to bring forward the best attributes of the coffees in the blend whilst maintaining balance and ease of use, we’re recommending a slightly more open ratio – 18g coffee to 40g espresso, brewed over 30-34s.