Gutiti Natural



Our second release from Gutiti this season is a stunning naturally processed lot that embodies everything that we’ve come to love about Ethiopian coffees.

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  • Region

    Kochere, Yirgacheffe

  • Varietal


  • Elevation

    1800 masl

  • Producer

    Various Smallholders

  • Process


Kochere is a small department within the larger and more well known Yirgacheffe region. Well known for having its own distinct and unique flavour profile that sets it apart from other Yirgacheffe coffees, deep, clean and intense flavour notes are to be found irrespective of the style of processing.
Natural processed coffees are typically laid out to dry after all the washed lots have been completed. Drying typically takes between 14-24 days and is a labour intensive task. Constant turning of the cherry is required to ensure even drying and critically to avoid any unwanted mould or ferment setting in. Ethiopian producers have mastered this process, bright bold, fruit notes and intense sweetness is to be expected with these delicious and idiosyncratic coffees.
Plans are already afoot for the 2019 harvest where we intend to focus in our buying with the aim of bringing more of these unique lots of coffee.




We’ve been brewing this coffee on our Kalita brewer in our QC lab, emphasising the intense sweetness and silky body that Kochere is known for. An initial dose of 18 grams, ground fine, is wetted with 30 grams of water to bloom. After a brief stir, pour over 260 grams of water in two even pours, ensuring that a smooth circular motion is maintained. Once cool, this brew will open up to reveal intense blueberry and tropical fruit notes, truly delicious!