• Region

    South Bandung, West Java

  • Varietal

    Typica, Catimor

  • Elevation

    1200-1500 masl

  • Farm/ Producer

    Various smallholders

  • Process


Klasik beans share a very similar philosophy to us, from a quality, human and environmental point of view. The cooperative's aim is to preserve Indonesian cultural heritage through the creation of sustainable, specialty, organic and fair-trade coffees. The 1000+ members transport their coffees to one of their five wet mills (Pacet, Puntang, Garut, Ciwidey and Cimenyan). These facilities allow Klasik beans to take full control of the entire production, ensuring that they receive only ripe cherry, and it will enable them to use specific processing methods to create unique flavours. This coffee is prepared as a fully washed coffee, which is a preparation technique somewhat specific to Indonesia, which uses a dual fermentation; dry fermentation overnight, followed by a 4-hour wet fermentation.

Klasik Beans cooperative was founded in 2009, with more than 200 local producers to develop specialty coffees with a distinctive character based on terroir. Located between high altitude forests and rivers, the plantations reach out to the Guntur, Halimu Tilu and Puntang volcanos. At each harvest, the cherries are manually harvested and taken to one of the cooperative's three cherry processing sites (Pacet, Ciwidey or Garut) to guarantee consistent quality of beans to the cup.





We’ve roasted this coffee to suit both espresso and filter brewing. For filter brewing, we recommend using a ratio of 6g of freshly ground coffee, per 100ml of boiled, filtered water. If you like it slightly stronger, add an extra gram or two, and adjust to taste. For espresso, we recommend a dose of 18g, to a yield of 34/36g, aiming for a total extraction time of 30 seconds. If you like your espresso syrupy, strive for a prolonged extraction time, maintaining the same brewing parameters mentioned above. For more clarity, stick to the recipe, or even shorten the extraction time to highlight the acidity.