Special Bru

  • Region

     Huila, Cauca and Nyeri

  • Varietal

    Caturra, Castillo, Yellow Bourbon and SL28, SL32

  • Elevation

    1450 – 2000 masl

  • Farm/ Producer

    El Carmen, Hacienda Mallorca and Various Smallholders

  • Process

    Washed, Natural, Washed


The primary component in this version of Special Brü comes from the Colombian department of Huila, through our partnership with El Carmen, a group of smallholder producers we’ve been working with for several years. This washed coffee has notes of red apple and toffee. The secondary Colombian component is from farmer Santiago Londoño, grown at his farm Hacienda Mallorca. This coffee is 100% yellow bourbon, a rare varietal which produces a higher concentration of sugar when mature than its red counterparts. This lot was processed in the natural style, in a controlled silo where the coffee was constantly turned and monitored for a week. In this component, we taste Bosc pear, sugar cane, and allspice.

In addition to our two Colombians, we have also incorporated a Kenyan lot from the Nyeri region, bringing the big fat fruit notes that Kenyan lovers have come to expect and love. Kenya is another great example of the combined power of technique and terroir. Just like Colombia, Kenyan farmers have perfected their processing techniques, making them global leaders in the coffee world. This component brings plum, dark chocolate, and dried fig flavours, with a kick of red grape acidity.



This winter’s version of Special Brü has two coffees from Colombia: one from Huila and one from Cauca, both sourced from our partners at Raw Material. In other countries, the differences in cup profile between regions can be quite subtle. However, in Colombia, regional microclimates produce coffees that range across a vast taste spectrum. The two Colombian components in this blend feature different flavours and textures, each adding their own uniqueness to the final profile.