Special Bru

  • Region

    Chalatenango, Huila

  • Varietal

    Caturra, Castillo, Pacamara

  • Elevation

    1450 – 2000 masl

  • Farm/ Producer

    Las Gondrinas, Various Smallholders

  • Process

    Honey, Washed


Isaac Luna lives in the quaint township of Los Planos, in the northern reaches of El Salvador. The closest city is, Citalá, a border town that shares its river with Honduras. He’s growing Pacamara – a cross of Pacas and Maragogype varieties. Pacamara produces incredibly large seeds but tends to have low yields and a fruity cup profile. Isaac has enhanced that natural fruit-driven quality by honey processing the coffee; running the cherries through a machine that splits the skin and leaves the sticky fruit flesh (mucilage) on the seed. Drying the seeds with the mucilage on retains sugars and enhances fermentation without the wilder flavours associated with whole cherry drying. No bees are involved in the process, the name comes from the sugary sticky quality the drying parchment coffee takes on, reminiscent of honey. Excellent agronomic practices and a keen eye towards quality processing has produced a lot with notes of blackberry compote, caramel & juicy golden satsumas.

As we swap out Roberto’s coffee to Isaac’s, we’re keeping continuity with our second component, Red El Carmen. A washed process lot produced by over 300 smallholder farmers in the Huila region, roasting this versatile coffee as a light, bright omni-roast brings out notes of plum, cherry, and a hazelnut praline sweetness, supported by a bright malic acidity.

As ever, the resulting cup has integrated flavours, balanced acidity and body, and is pleasantly indulgent – precisely the profile we look for when we’re constructing a new version of Special Brü. Perfect for batch, pourover or even running on Espresso, the Brü has been fueling our roasters through the chilliest of mornings.



We profile Special Brü to be versatile for a range of brewing methods, and suggest when brewing filter to start at a brew ratio of 60g per Litre water. When using the blend for Espresso, try 18g in to 40g out, with shots ranging from 30-34s.