Special Bru

  • Region

    Huehuetenango, Nakuru county, Gautica

  • Varietal

    Caturra, Bourbon, Pache, Castillo, Colombia, SL 28, SL 34 and Ruiru 11

  • Elevation

    1500 – 1900 MASL

  • Farm/ Producer

    La Lima, Ndururumo Estate, Red La Cristalina

  • Process



Each version is carefully honed, refined and tweaked, ensuring that the components match in cup profile, attributes balancing and enhancing as required to create something that is a delight to brew with, utterly unique in its character.

We’ve pulled out all the stops for version 40 – a three-way mix, all fresh arrivals from some of our favorite origins.
Each component coffee is a wonderous display of the terroir of its origin, and each will be featured as a single origin release in due course. But when combined, the result in the cup is a beautiful mélange of sweetness, bright fruit-forward acidity and body.

Testing blend ratios, brewing, refining – this combination of 50% Colombia, 30% Guatemala, 20% Kenya performed beyond our wildest expectations. The Colombian hails from the Red Association La Cristalina, and is sourced from our friends Raw Material. Raw Material’s pricing structure ensures that producers are always paid a consistent premium for their coffee, no matter what the commodity price of coffee sits at. Ensuring a fair and equitable return of value to the farmers and their communities. The La Cristalina brings base notes of caramel, nougat and white grapes

From Guatemala we have a lot from Pedro Aguilar’s farm – La Lima. We last featured Pedro Aguilar’s coffee in 2016, and this year’s crop is jam packed with stonefruit flavours, balancing the mid notes of the cup.

Rounding off the blend, we have our first Kenyan coffee for the summer season, hailing from the Ndururumo estate. This PB lot is intensely sweet, with a clean blackcurrant and blood orange acidity alongside notes of winegums and lychee – adding a vibrant top note to the acidity alongside a long marmalade finish

We’re excited to keep the legend of Special Brü going – if this blend is testament to anything, great things often have the humblest beginnings.



We profile Special Brü to be versatile for a range of brewing methods, and suggest when brewing filter to start at a brew ratio of 60g per Litre water. When using the blend for Espresso, try 18g in to 40g out, with shots ranging from 30-34s.