Special Bru

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  • Elevation

    1500 – 2000 MASL

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Our work with the Kilimanjaro plantation in Moshi has brought some unique flavors and varietals to the table. KPL’s coffee is produced almost a stones’ throw from the eponymous Mount Kilimanjaro – the volcanic soil and altitude bringing bold, chewy, and thick red fruit and berry flavors. This acts as the perfect base for a fruity and complex blend. The washed lot from Shyira adds the delicate and complex top notes of cherry cola, apple and vanilla that perfectly complement the jammy body of the Tanzanian.

KPL have invested heavily into the local area. By leasing farmland surrounding the estate from local co-operatives and taking advantage of the economies of scale, they provide a steady revenue for those co-ops. This income is in excess of what the farmers would have earned running the production themselves. Additionally, KPL have provided internships and apprenticeships to local schools and vocational trade programs, scholarships to local children, and invested in a fund for further education of the community. This is on top of paying a living wage over 50% higher than the local market rate and providing free housing to the workers on the estate.

Working with producers that can provide traceable, high quality coffees alongside sustainable and ethical production is something we’re very proud to do at Caravan.

Combining two outstanding east African washed coffees together creates something that is an utter delight to brew across all methods from espresso to filter, something we rigorously tested as we sought to find the optimum blending ratio for this release.



Our favourite brew method for Special brü is of course our trusty 6 cup chemex – Make sure your filter is well rinsed and your chemex nicely pre-heated before brewing. Start with 45g of coffee ground coarse like sea salt. Bloom with 100ml of freshly boiled water, before pouring another 650g in evenly spaced pulses.
For a lovely twist on an old classic – try using 300g of ice in the carafe, grinding a little finer and brewing the same dose with 450g of hot water with a little extra agitation to brew some delicious iced filter.