special bru

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This is our first Ugandan lot at Caravan and we are pleased to say that its been a pleasure to cup and roast. In the cup we’ve found it to be sweet and creamy with a clearly defined strawberry note that pairs without problem to our washed Ethiopian lot from Chu Chu washing station in Sidama.

This latest version of our beloved Special Bru has been consistently in our mugs this past fortnight as our team get ready for the days roasting early in the morning; and when its in the roasters mugs you can be sure that it’s a good thing.
This blend brews beautifully as a Chemex which pleases us incredibly; sharing coffee is one of the small joys in life, more so when it’s a delicious East African brew!




A simple ratio of 30gms of coffee, ground on the slightly coarser side, brewed with 500 mls of freshly drawn hot water should yield deliciously consistent results. When brewing with a chemex its always advisable to pre rinse the filter papers once placed in the carafes cone. This has the dual benefit of pre warming the vessel whilst ridding the thick paper filter of any unwanted taints, resulting in a crisper, more structured cup.