special bru

  • Component 1

    20% El Zafiro

  • Component 2

    35% El Hato

  • Component 3

    45% Mbeya

  • Process 1


  • Process 2


  • Process 3



It’s a hard act to follow on from Tane’s last Special Brü, so Steve, our green coffee buyer put his hand up to create his first Special Brü in over ten incarnations. This version is a triplet that includes an exciting honey processed coffee from Colombia, a vibrant coffee from a farmer in the Mbeya region of Tanzania, and a super fresh Guatemalan. The honey-processed coffee from Finca El Zafrio (of Wush-Wush fame) has been developed slightly longer to create the sweet backbone of this blend; it brings flavours of over-ripe grapes and pineapple. The Tanzanian adds a bright acidity of grapefruit and orange. Finca El Hato smooth’s everything out, heightening the body, and adding a butter pecan flavour to the finish.




This coffee is best enjoyed through Clever Dripper. This method creates rounder body and sweetness since the contact time of water and coffee is longer. Very easy to make at home as well.

A dose of 22g of coffee to 330ml of filter water makes for a great starting point when dialing in. Balanced nutty finish, honey drew, a hint of pineapple note from Colombian Honey Process coffee. Rounded and creamy body with medium high berry and stone fruit acidity. Look to adjust the grind size to achieve a total extraction time of around 4:00 brewing time and 1:30 decanting time. The resulting cup should be medium high acidity with notes of plum, stone fruit, honey drew and balanced nutty finish.