• Region

    Gedeo, Yirgacheffe

  • Varietal


  • Elevation

    2050-2200 masl

  • Farm/ Producer

    Sengage Argo Industry PLC

  • Process


Sengage washing station receives cherry from approximately 800 smallholder farmers in the surrounding area. The farmers in this region have transferred coffee from the surrounding native forests, to create small plots around their houses for cultivation. These Heirloom, native coffee varietals are referred to locally as “Yirgacheffe Type”.

To produce this natural processed coffee, cherry is first floated in floatation tanks, after separation the ripe cherries will go directly on to raised African beds to dry. This drying period is crucial, cherries are laid out in thin layers, to avoid over fermentation and to ensure even drying. This period of drying takes about three to five days, the aim is to decrease the moisture content to a minimum of 25%. It is very important during this stage to routinely rotate the cherries, the act of turning the cherries must be done with care to circumvent bruising, which if done without care can lead to overly ripe flavours and unstable moisture levels. The second phase sees the cherries being layered slightly thicker to decrease the rate at which the cherries lose moisture. After 10-15 days or once the cherries have reached 12% moisture they are removed from the drying table, ready for the next stage; dry milling.



This coffee has been profiled for espresso. Expect high levels of caramel sweetness, balanced with citric notes of fresh lime and grapefruit, with a soft, sweet bitterness of 90% dark chocolate in the finish. With milk, expect flavours of ripe strawberry and soft, creamy marshmallows and a rich honey linger in the aftertaste.