Paulina Lopez

  • Region


  • Varietal

    Bourbon & Caturra

  • Elevation

    1800 masl

  • Producer

    Finca el Mirador

  • Process


This unique lot is a washed processed coffee, prepared in a traditional Guatemalan style. Flotation tanks are used to separate the ripe cherries from the underripe or damaged cherries; afterwards, a mechanical de-pulper is used to remove the cherry skin. A slow, wet fermentation of 12 hours is then needed to remove any remaining sugary mucilage. Due to the farms high altitude, temperatures can drop extremely low at nighttime, often lengthening the time it takes for the fermentation to be successful. If the coffee is not fermented correctly, some of the sticky mucilage might remain on the parchment, which can create undesirable musty flavours in the final cup. Once fermentation is complete, a channel system is used to wash and rinse the parchment, from whence it's finally ready for drying, which takes place in a large solar greenhouse.




We’ve found this washed processed Guatemalan truly shines using the Kalita Wave brewing method. Try a dose of 18g of coarsely ground coffee, and 280ml of freshly boiled, filtered water, with a total brew time of 3:00 minutes. This will produce and delicate, yet fruity cup, with a sweet raspberry acidity, flavours of lemon, red apple, and dried fruits.