No Boundaries

  • Regions

    Huila; San Jose

  • Farms

    Finca El Progreso; Various

  • Elevation

    1500-1800 meters

  • Producers

    Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia; Coopedota

  • Process

    Fully Washed



In 2020 the world turned on its head, and everything we thought we knew went topsy-turvy. But from every cloud comes a silver lining – at Caravan, we’ve used this last year and a half to work on our core values: our producer and importer partnerships, our impact on the earth and our local community, and the quality of our offer from head to toe. Among many things we’re rethinking is our classic seasonal blend, formerly known as Special Bru. We have always crafted this blend to be an all-round tasty coffee, no matter how, where, or with whom you drink it. We think this is better than just special. 

Enter the No Boundaries Blend.

A blend of two parts, the first comes from Finca El Progreso, located near the charming city of Pitalito in the department of Huila, Colombia. Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia and his wife Claudia Samboni own and operate this medium-sized, 22 hectare farm, where they grow Gesha, Bourbon, and Caturra varietals. El Progreso has been in Rodrigo’s family for over 80 years, and holds special meaning to him as the roots of his family legacy. Despite the farm’s lengthy history, him and Claudia take a modern, technical approach to coffee growing, taking precise measurements throughout the harvest cycle to ensure peak ripeness and sugar development.

The second component in our No Boundaries seasonal blend was grown by members of Coopedota, a cooperative based in the small town of Santa Maria de Dota, in the province of San Jose, Costa Rica. The cooperative is a leader in sustainable agronomy, using innovative techniques to both raise and process their coffee, and have been carbon neutral since 2011. They focus on quality over quantity, with strict standards for farmer members who want to sell at the microlot level. They also run a coffee education centre including a barista and roasting school, where they hope to inspire young people to stay in the community and encourage passion for all things coffee.

This blend reminds us of summer trifle – forest fruits, chantilly cream, with a sweet citrus-y pastry character akin to panettone. Roasted for easy usage and balanced acidity, this coffee enbodies the concept of No Boundaries, making an excellent batch-brewed filter, cafetiere or juicy espresso.

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No Boundaries, our seasonal blend, is roasted for easy extraction across many brew methods – including espresso! For filter, we recommend a ration of 60g coffee to 1 litre of water, adjusted for size. For ‘spro, try 18g of coffee to 40g of liquid, at 30-32 seconds.