No Boundaries

  • Origin

    Nicaragua; Rwanda

  • Regions

    Jinotega; Muhanga

  • Varietal

    Red and Yellow Catuaí;
    Red Bourbon

  • Elevation

    1600+ meters

  • Producers

    Finca Esquipulas; members of Sholi Women’s Association, growing on a community-owned plot

  • Process


    As the seasons change, we welcome fresh coffees into our blends to ensure that what’s in your cup is as vibrant and dynamic as the day it left port. This seasonal emphasis is balanced by our strict sourcing and roasting standards which ensure that each blend remains true to form and flavour profile, even as components come and go, keeping things lively.

    As the spring matures into summer, we welcome a new season with the arrival of fresh coffees from Central America, where the harvest takes place in the late winter and early spring each year. Straight off the boat and into the blend is our latest No Boundaries component, a Nicaraguan coffee grown by Arlin Andino on her farm, Finca Esquipulas, located in the Jinotega region in the north of the country. Arlin is a young producer who comes from a coffee growing family, but wasn’t producing coffee of her own until 2017. Her focus on quality is rooted in a belief that coffee cannot be improvised – it must be based on deep knowledge of the farm and every step of production. Arlin and her partner Ernesto are also concerned about protecting local water sources with climate-smart agricultural practices, and are building a school on their farm where the children of farm workers can go to study during the harvest period.

    The second half of the blend comes from our partnership with the Sholi Co-operative, located in Central Rwanda. Our quality team spent hours with the Sholi quality team – via Zoom due to the pandemic – calibrating and deliberating over last year’s coffees as a way to improve both team’s understanding of Sholi’s coffees. This lot was processed in the washed style, traditional for Rwanda, where ripe cherries are depulped and fermented in large open air tanks for up to 24 hours before being ‘washed’ clean and laid to dry on raised beds. The resulting coffee is incredibly clean and sweet, with a balanced acidity – exactly what we look for when we source for No Boundaries.


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    We select and roast each component of our signature filter blend for sweetness and balance, to shine in your cup with or without milk. Our latest blend has a big pop of acidity while remaining easy to brew and drink – try starting with our go-to recipe of 60g per litre of fresh, filtered water and adjust to taste. For more brew tips and tricks, visit our Brew Guides.