• Region

    Volcan, Chiriqui

  • Varietal


  • Elevation

    1600 masl

  • Farm/ Producer

    Morgans Estate

  • Process

    washed & Natural

Morgan’s Estate is a small family run Farm near the town of Volcan in Chiriqui. Perched on the steep western slopes of the volcano Baru, the surrounding landscape compromises lush, tropical rainforest and picturesque waterfalls. Coffee is planted throughout, making the most of the natural ecosystem and nutrients from the numerous different species of tropical plants. Low density planting of the Geisha ensures that each tree picks up the optimum amount of minerals and phosphates needed to ensure healthy, flowering trees.

Harvest time is typically between the months of January and March. All processing takes place on site as is typical on small farms in Central America. Drying for the natural takes place on specially crafted raised beds covered with parabolic dryers. The cherry is laid out for up to 12 days and turned every 20 minutes by hand to ensure an even drying throughout, and minimizing the risk of fermentation.

The washed Geisha is laid to dry for up to 20 days, using the warmth of the sun and indirect light to dry it to an even 11% moisture content, before being rested in parchment for several months in preparation for shipping.




The Morgan Estate geisha is an incredible complex coffee, its amazing fragrant aromas lead the palate into an delicate flavour profile. We’ve found these coffees best suited to slow, manual brewing methods. This geisha goes perfectly with a V-60 or Kalita wave, using the slow and low technique. Use a finer grind size, and try to keep the water volume 1/2 of the way up the V-60, by using smaller additions of water more often. This allows you to draw out the extraction time whilst avoiding an oversaturated coffee bed, which can lead to over extraction.