• Component 1

    60% Finca el Hato, Guatemala

  • Component 2

    40% Genova, Colombia

  • Process 1

    Fully Washed

  • Process 2

    Fully Washed

In this version of Market Blend the vibrant acidity and complex fruity flavours are derived from the Genova. This coffee originates from the Quindio department of Colombia and comes to us by way of the Quindio Cooperative that is made up of a handful of passionate coffee producers. We were struck by their progressive attitude towards cultivating specialty coffee and yielding some of the highest scoring coffees cupped during our travels through this region. Without a doubt we will be back again next year to see the advancements they have made.

Our work with Christian Rasch the owner of Finca el Hato in Guatemala continues on from where we started earlier this year. Finca el Hato is in the midst of an aggressive three year strategy to replant 400 hectares of the property in an effort to safeguard against the ravaging effects of Roya in the region that once devastated this farm. One strategy being employed by Christian is the cultivation of unusual varietals for this region of Guatemala such as Icatu, Sachimor, Colombia and Castillo as they have shown a resistance to leaf rust. Time will tell how these experiments manifest and we are committed to working with Christian in the future. The particular lot we have selected from El Hato forms the backbone of the Market Blend and provides the body and structure completing the blend with its rich body and milk chocolate notes.


Brewing Guide

When served as espresso, expect highlighted notes of raspberry jam and grapefruit acidity to be followed by a sweet caramel and milk chocolate finish. When paired with milk the acidity drops down and reveals a vanilla biscuit note to go along with the sweet chocolate finish.


Dose : 19.5g coffee

Extraction Time: 30-34 seconds

Yield: 32-36g