Marisela Ochoa Yellow Honey

  • Region

    Los Planes, Chalatenango

  • Varietal


  • Elevation

    1500 - 1700 masl

  • Farm

    Mama Delia

  • Producer

    Marisela Elizabeth Ochoa De Valdivieso

  • Process

    Yellow Honey

A few natural factors have determined the shade of this honey-processed coffee. The first factor is the temperature on the farm during the day of pulping (removing the cherry skin from the seed). If the weather is hot, the pulp dries quicker, meaning less sugar has stuck onto the parchment, creating a lighter shade of honey. Similarly, a cooler day means more retention of mucilage, which creates a thicker layer on the parchment, ultimately producing a darker shade of honey. The varietal of this coffee is the famed Pacamara, a hybrid developed in El Salvador from the Pacas and Maragogype varietals. It is renowned worldwide for its distinctive floral aromas and elegant flavour.




TWe recommend using a V-60 or Chemex for this coffee, as it helps to highlight the delicate floral notes, and the crispy acidity. In the roastery, we’ve had good results using 19g of coffee, with a yield of 320mls. Try a slightly courser grind to bring out the acidity, or a finer grind to highlight the sweetness.