Mama Frankie

  • Region

    Lake Toba, Sumatra

  • Varietal

    Sigarar Utang

  • Elevation

    1400-1450 masl

  • Farm/ Producer

    Frankie Sinagra

  • Process

    Gilling Basah

 Whilst visiting Mama Frankie, we identified her farm as having more potential for high-quality coffee. It is at a slightly higher altitude, there is an abundance of shade trees, and the relatively small scale of her farm (1 hectare), makes it easier to maintain and manage. Mama Frankie is one of the producers of our Blue Toba, which is a regional blend from the district of Sipanganbolon, which represents over 475 coffee farmers and their families. Separating coffee by farm or farmer is not common in Indonesia, where collectively combing groups or regions of farmers is the norm, so keeping Frankies coffee separated was no easy feat, but we’re proud to say that it was successful. Mama Frankie and her partner “Papa Frankie”, are both in there 60’s and have been farming coffee for the past 15 years. The move back to the country from Jakarta was tough for Frankie, but she’s enjoying the farm life. Her laugh is infectious and can be heard across the farm. Even with our language barrier, she was laying down jokes as if we’ve known each other for years; teasing us about the way we were dressed, or how we should already be married, and if we didn’t sort that out soon, she’d get her daughters involved!





This coffee brews exceptionally well as a Kalita Wave. Try a dose of 18 grams of freshly ground coffee, brewed with 280 ml of freshly boiled, filter water. Aim for an extraction time of 2:30 minutes, which should deliver a crisp, delicate cup.