Isaac Luna

  • Region


  • Varietal


  • Elevation

    1600 masl

  • Farm/ Producer

    El Poso

  • Process


Isaac has produced one of the most complex honey processed coffee we've ever tasted, so, as we sat down for lunch at Finca El Poso, we asked him to explain his processing technique. First, the coffee cherries are hand picked at the optimal state of ripeness, which he decides by the colouration of the cherry, and by tasting the cherry juices. Secondly, after an appropriate amount of cherry is collected, it's taken directly to the pulping station, and pulped immediately; this ensures the maximum retention of mucilage for the drying stage. The drying takes place in a room similar to a poly-tunnel, full of elevated mesh beds, where the coffee is laid to dry. Isaac doesn't move the coffee on the first day of drying, although from the second day, and until it's finished 20 days later, he will move the coffee every 30 minutes during peak sunlight hours, and every hour during the morning and early evening.

Isaac dedication to his farm and family is incredibly inspiring; we're so delighted to be working with him this year, and cannot wait to visit next season and see what new ideas he's come up with!




We’ve found this honey processed Pacamara shines as an Immersion brew. With a clever dripper, try a dose of 18g’s of coarsely ground coffee, and 300ml’s of freshly boiled, filtered water – This will produce and deliciously fruity brew, with a sparkling pineapple acidity, and notes of cherry. With a French press or cafetiere, try a ratio of 6g’s of coffee, per 100ml of water used – This creates a wonderfully aromatic brew, with notes of Satsuma and stewed tropical fruits.