Deri Kochoha

  • Region

    Guji - Sidama

  • Varietal


  • Elevation

    2000 masl

  • Producer

    Various Smallholders

  • Process


Guji has been home to a number of stellar washing stations over the years, but none come close to matching Deri Kochoha this season. A solid, consistent 90+ hitter, this fully washed lot is as elegant as it is complex. Intensely flavourful with a deep lime, jasmine and stonefruit character. There is no doubt that Deri Kochoha is putting the class into world class.

Washing stations are centrally placed in local communities and receive cherry picked by local smallholders throughout the November and December harvest times. Once cherry is delivered it is immediately processed and laid out to dry on raised drying tables. Drying the parchment coffee typically takes around 20 days to get the beans moisture levels down to an optimum 12%. Throughout this drying period teams of skilled workers hand sort for defects and continually turn the coffee ensuring that an even drying takes place.

This small lot was sourced in the early part of January this year in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital city, at the tail end of the 2016/17.




The lightness of flavor and intense aromas that are to be found in washed Ethiopian coffees lend them selves perfectly to the world of pourover brewing. V-60, Chemex and Clever drippers (although the Clever is not strictly a pour over) will brew crisp, acidic coffees which emphasise the high notes and sought after floral notes. A starting dose of 16g for a 250ml brew, ground to the consistency of coarse sand is a great starting point to enjoy this coffee at home. Happy brewing!!