Decaf Kilimbi

  • Region


  • Varietal

    Red Bourbon

  • Farm/ Producer

    Various Smallholders

  • Elevation

    1600 masl

  • Process



Typical to the style of processing in Rwanda once cherry is delivered to Kilimbi it is immediately hand sorted, floated, pulped and then fermented for 8 hours before being dried on raised beds for 21 days. The higher altitude of Kilimbi lends itself to high quality coffee, while the drying beds are located on an expansive open plain that lends itself to good airflow and maximum amounts of sunlight. This allows the expert washing station staff to dry the coffee seeds in the best possible conditions after it has been processed.


We’ve been enjoying this coffee most when brewed with our trusty Chemex. 35gms as a starting dose with a reasonably coarse grind really brings this coffees delicate notes and vibrant acidity forward. It really is a complex brew when the variables are properly balanced, have fun drinking the results whilst looking for that sweet spot!