Christian Rasch

  • Region

    Santa Rosa

  • Varietal

    Hato hybrid, Catuai

  • Elevation

    1450 masl

  • Producer

    Finca El Hato

  • Process


We've been gently pushing Christian to experiment with processing since the first time we visited, way back in 2013, even convincing him this year to convert an old air plant nursery, into a natural process drying area. This coffee is also a testament to the trust and relationship we have with the Rasch family; it's a risky processing method, which they've perfected - Kenyan style soaked. The coffee is pulped as normal and then left to soak in a tank of fresh water, for 24 hours. This soaking increases clarity, and heightens acidity; not soaking the coffee enhances the viscosity of the mouth feel and amplifies the sweetness. We had the un-soaked version specifically prepared for this season’s espresso, so you'll be able to try them both!




This coffee is best through a paper filter such as Kalita coffee dripper, which creates a thicker body for this Guatemalan coffee. A dose of 18g of coffee to 300ml of filtered water makes for a great starting point. Look to adjust the grind size to achieve a total extraction time of around two and half minutes. The resulting cup should be sweet, with notes of apricot, tangerine, brown sugar, and white chocolate.