Market Blend


Market Blend has been our signature espresso blend since we started in 2010. Always using fresh, in-season coffees, grown by producers with whom we enjoy an open, active relationship, our aim with Market Blend is to showcase a clear and traceable provenance while being simply a delight to drink.

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  • Region

    Ocotepeque, Honduras
    Sidamo, Ethiopia

  • Producer Groups

    Mujeres de San Marcos
    Refisa Wet Mill

  • Harvest Period

    January to May, 2021

  • Average Farm Size

    <1 to 3 Hectares

  • Process

    Fully Washed

The Market Blend has been our signature espresso blend since we first opened our doors and began roasting in 2010. The blend is built around coffees from producers with whom we hold active partnerships, showcasing high quality, in-season coffees with a clear and traceable provenance. We craft the Market Blend to highlight lively flavour notes; noticeable hints of fruit whilst retaining overall balance and high sweetness for a delicious and lip-smacking espresso. 

This fall we are introducing a new producer group with our latest version of our signature blend: Mujeres de San Marcos, from the region of Ocotepeque, Western Honduras. This lot was grown by five women, all members of Beneficio San Marcos, an up-and-coming co-operative led by and large by women. Women-run enterprises are rare in Central America and even more so in Honduras, where women-owned farms make up just 2% of all coffee exports. Beneficio San Marcos aims, like many co-ops, to increase the financial health and quality of their members coffee, and in addition, they are investing in leadership training for female producers. Putting social welfare alongside environmentally sound agricultural practices has the greatest benefit to all farmers, no matter their gender, and for this reason we are proud to have begun what we hope will be a long and fruitful partnership with the women of San Marcos. 

The second component in this autumn's Market Blend comes from the Refisa washing station, a relatively small operation in the famous coffee-producing region of Sidama, Ethiopia. The coffees of Sidama are known for their bright, jammy fruit acidities and berry-like sweetness, and this coffee hits both those marks perfectly. The 448 smallholder farmers that deliver cherry to the Refisa station have an average farm size of 2 hectares, and grow coffee as a cash-crop alongside teff (the grain which makes the fermented base of the injera flatbread), banana and corn.

One of the key factors in the success of the local farmers is the terroir of the region – Nensebo is located within the West-Arsi zone of Sidamo. This area retains excellent forest coverage and biodiversity, with cool, humid and high altitude cloud forests providing the perfect conditions for high-quality coffee production. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and the conjunction of its native ecosystem, local genetics, and the care by the farmers leads to some truly delicious results. 

Both lots in Market Blend have been organically grown without chemical agri-inputs. As always with Market Blend, we aim to bring the finest in-season and sustainably-grown lots to coffee lovers worldwide, highlighting the works of exceptional producers that we enjoy a close relationship with. Clarity, sweetness, and a bright yet balanced acidity define this blend, with the two components combining to create a truly vibrant and exciting espresso, with or without milk. 


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Brewing Guide

Roasted to bring forward the best attributes of the coffees in the blend whilst maintaining balance and ease of use, we’re recommending a ratio of 18 grams of coffee to 40 grams of liquid espresso, brewed over 30-34 seconds.