Xmas Bru



Blending together coffee from three of our favourite producers, this seasonal re blend of our Xmas Bru embodies the flavours of Christmas for us all in the roastery whilst being a pleasure to drink at anytime of the year.


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  • Component 1

    30% El MIrador

  • Component 2

    40% El Carmen

  • Component 3

    30% Las Gondrinas
    El Salvador


  • Process 1


  • Process 2


  • Process 3



This Christmas we have focused our blending on our new arrivals from South and Central America. Each coffee is deliciously sweet and complex whilst also having its own unique character and flavour note that shines through the blend adding a rich complexity to the cup.


Guatemalan and Colombian coffees are well known for their rich, smooth bodies and bright fruity acidities. The coffees we’ve selected to blend from El Mirador in Guatemala and El Carmen in Colombia are no exception. Packed full of deep red fruit notes and a lingering apple acidity together they sit snugly alongside the full flavor and intense sweetness of the El Salvadorian, Las Gondrinas.


Each of these coffees has been sourced through long term relationships built with the producers through annual visits, sometimes more frequently in the case of Colombia, and a commitment to an open and honest dialogue and fair prices for the coffee prodcued.




Xmas Brü has been roasted to suit both espresso and filter brewing. For filter brewing, we recommend using a ratio of 6g's of freshly ground coffee, per 100ml of boiled, filtered water. If you like it slightly stronger, add an extra gram or two, and adjust to taste. For espresso, we recommend a dose of 18g’s, to a yield of 34/36g’s, aiming for a total extraction time of 30 seconds. If you like your espresso syrupy, strive for a prolonged extraction time, maintaining the same brewing parameters mentioned above. For more clarity, stick to the recipe, or even shorten the extraction time to highlight the acidity.