The Daily

Dark chocolate, Peanut brittle, Baking spice

Sourced and roasted with sweetness and accessibility in mind, the Daily Blend is our reimagining of the traditional classic coffee. Thick bodied with a low acidity and clean finish, this is the blend that you will find us brewing at home and enjoying in Caravan's restaurants after dinner.

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  • Regions

    Risaralda, Colombia; Lake Takengon, Sumatra; Mantiqueira, Brazil

  • Producer Groups

    Risaralda Association; Cooperative Wanita Gayo; COCARIVE

  • Processing

    Washed; Giling Basah; Pulped Natural



The Daily Blend’s flavour profile is crafted with approachability and versatility in mind, created for all-day drinking and for perfect expression in milk. To achieve this, our Head of Coffee selects fresh, in-season lots from around the globe, combining their unique flavour elements to construct the Daily’s signature profile of dark chocolate, chewy praline, and warm spices. Before it winds up in your cup, each component is rigorously tested through a series of blind tasting sessions, where our buyers, roasters, and quality control team ensure that consistency and quality meet our exacting standards for a delicious brew.


Our latest version of the Daily Blend welcomes some slightly warmer flavours as we enter the colder months, supported by the addition of a fresh crop Colombian lot from our producer partners in Risaralda. This coffee was sourced by Raw Material, a social enterprise importer and long-term partner of Caravan, whose work on the ground in Colombia is helping bring greater economic freedom and market access to smallholder producers. The foundation of the Daily Blend hails from Brazil, via a blend of farms in the Mantiqueira de Minas region. This region has some of the highest altitudes in southern Brazil, making for exceptionally sweet and clean coffees. Supporting flavours of nougat and spice come from the Sumatra Blue Toba, grown on the slopes of Lake Toba, the largest volcanic lake in the world.


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Brewing Guide

It is worth noting that when brewing as an espresso this blend is extremely forgiving and works well with a variety of doses and extraction times. A good starting point when dialling in a recipe is 19g ground coffee, extracted over 27-33 seconds, to produce 38-40g of espresso.