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This autumn we’ve been very lucky to see the arrival of two excellent new fresh crop coffees from El Salvador and Colombia for use in our Daily Blend. From El Salvador we welcome Fernando Alfaro, a new producer to the Caravan family who has produced an outstanding red honey process lot that, for us represents the archetype of this style of processing. From Colombia we welcome back Jesus Maria Guluma who has produced consistently excellent washed coffee as part of the Raw Material project and been a regular feature of our filter program over the past two years.

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350g Whole Bean

  • Component 1

    40% La Providencia, Ataco-Tacuba
    El Salvador

  • Component 2

    60% Las Brisas, Huila

  • Process 1

    Red Honey

  • Process 2


Its not very often that we find coffees that pair so effortlessly together but when we do it’s a special moment indeed. Both of these coffees have been selected for their intrinsic sweetness and complexity and their ability to work in harmony together. Jesus Marias Las Brisas lot forms the base of the blend and creates a deep rich, berry and cocoa bedrock for Fernando’s honey process to sit upon and shine.

This is a deep, rich low acidity blend that lends itself perfectly to being enjoyed anytime of the day, with or without milk.


Brewing Guide

This espresso is best enjoyed brewed at an approximate 2:1 ratio. We’ve been starting with a dose of 18g, brewed for 34 seconds with a yield of around about 34–36g in the cup. These are only rough guidelines that we’ve found to work with our particular setup in the roastery. With that said they can be reliably followed to find a sweet, clean, low acidity espresso.