Special BRÜ



Mighty fine craft coffee since 2010! Our 10th birthday Special BRÜ is a testament to our epic 10-year journey sourcing delicious, sustainable and ethical coffees from around the world. 

Our latest version of Special Brü features coffees from two of our favourite origins: Colombia and Ethiopia. These two countries are big players in specialty coffee, as both produce arguably some of the finest cups in the world. Though geographically and culturally distant, they can be found rubbing shoulders in many a blend, due to their mutually excellent processing, sorting, and flavour profiles.

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  • Region

    Quindío; Sidama

  • Varietal

    Tabi; Local Landraces

  • Elevation

    1600-1800 meters; 1800-2000 meters

  • Producers

    Finca El Fénix; Sidama Cooperative

  • Process

    Honey; Washed



Following up our earlier release from El Fénix this summer, we are proud to include another coffee from one of our sponsored lots in this 10th anniversary Special Brü blend. El Fénix is a community wet mill and farm in the Quindío region of Colombia where our partners at Raw Material have been working for several years. The project aims to provide physical and financial support for farmers in the region who are able to sell their coffee to the mill to be processed, receiving fair pricing as well as access to advanced processing techniques, rare varieties, and cupping resources.

This particular lot is made up entirely of the Tabi variety, a cross between Typica, Bourbon, and Timor Hybrid. Bred for disease resistance while retaining good flavour properties, the tree looks morphologically similar to its Typica and Bourbon parentage, with long sparse branches. Raw Material processed this lot two ways: the traditional washed method, as well as a ‘honey’ process in which the depulped coffee is laid out to dry with much of the coffee fruit intact. This combination of processes highlights different angles of the coffee’s terrior: we taste chocolate malt and citrus in the washed lot, and roasted almonds, blackcurrant, and tart apple in the honey processed version. Together, they add most of the sweetness and body in this blend.

The other half of the blend comes from the infamous Sidama Cooperative, an organisation which is actually what is referred to as a ‘secondary’ cooperative, as it represents 53 smaller ‘primary’ cooperatives. Traceability in Ethiopia is a difficult thing, with the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange operating as an intermediary for nearly all coffee exports and placing many restrictions in terms of what information is shared with buyers. This coffee was processed from a mixed producer lot, typical for the region, and screened to control size, density, and defect. It adds much of the fruit and florality to the blend, with notes of berry, whiteflower and bergamot.



Special Brü works great as both a filter and an espresso, with a medium weight and balanced acidity in both. For filter, we recommend a coffee to water ratio of 1:16, using filtered water right off boil. For espresso, a ratio of 1:2 and shot times between 30-34 seconds produce the best results.