The Market Blend has been our signature espresso blend for a number of years now. Blended exclusively with coffees that we’ve sourced at origin with producers with whom we enjoy an open, active relationship with, the aim has always been to showcase high quality, in season coffees, with a clear and traceable provenance.

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  • Component 1

    Kilimbi A1, Nyamasheke

  • Component 2

    REDS Assoc, Pitalito

Continuing on with this theme, Summertime in the UK sees the arrival of a selection of long awaited coffees from Central America and East Africa; all of which have been sourced through relationships that we have built over the past several years.

We’ve found this espresso to have a light, lingering sweetness and a vibrant, juicy acidity with just a hint of floral on the finish – perfect to enjoy during these warmer days and versatile enough to cut through milk or even to enjoy iced.


Brewing Guide

A starting ratio of 2:1 yields crisp, sweet, complex brews that are ideally suited to the warmer weather. We’ve been dialling in with a starting dose of 18g aiming for a 35 gm yield over a 34 seconds extraction; we have found that when paired with milk the cup is led by light stone fruit notes with a subtle jasmine finish!