Market Blend

Blood orange, Dried cherry, Caramel

Market Blend has been our signature espresso blend since we started in 2010. Always using fresh, in-season coffees, grown by producers with whom we enjoy an open, active relationship, our aim with Market Blend is to showcase a clear and traceable provenance while being simply a delight to drink.

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  • Region

    Huila, Colombia; Muhanga, Rwanda

  • Producer Groups

    El Carmen Association; Sholi Women's Association

  • Harvest Period

    February to October 2020

  • Average Farm Size

    <1 to 3 Hectares

  • Process

    Fully Washed



With longer and warmer days, and the return of freedoms which have been sorely missed, we are rolling out a new version of Market Blend to shake things up and brighten our palettes. Our latest blend comes from two producer groups who we’re really proud to be working with: the Red Associations in El Carmen, Colombia, and the Sholi Cooperative Women’s Association in Rwanda.

Those who have been fans of Market Blend for some time will recognise the name El Carmen, as we’ve been buying from the organisation for nearly five years. This group of producers live in the mountains of Huila, Colombia; one of the most famous growing regions for high-quality coffee in the world. We purchase this coffee through our friends at Raw Material, a social enterprise importer who share our commitment to economic justice and sustainable livelihoods for coffee farmers. All our purchases from El Carmen are based on a fixed price system which guarantees profit-making prices for coffee farmers which are well above the commercial market. Not only do we believe in this model of doing business, we are also huge fans of the coffee from El Carmen – as the base of the Market Blend, it lends it a rich nougat sweetness and flavours of apple and citrus.

The newest addition to Market Blend is from a newer relationship for Caravan: the Sholi Cooperative, located in the Muhanga district of Rwanda. This is our second year working with them and their first feature in Market Blend (we had their coffee as a single origin filter earlier last year). Sholi is a smaller cooperative by East African standards, with 610 members, of which 262 are women. This coffee comes from their women’s association, an independently run and organised group of female producers who collectively manage a communal coffee field as well as produce coffee on their own farms. The women have named the communal field ‘Kundwa’ which means ‘to be loved’ in Kinyarwanda.

The women run a committee which meets every week, typically on Saturdays after the work in the communal field is finished for the day. They make collective decisions about how the field is managed, as well as how the extra money the women’s group receives is used and distributed. This past harvest, the majority of the funds were used to buy pigs and goats which were given to the members. The women also run a small savings and loans scheme, into which each member contributes 300 francs per month. The money can be used by members at a 1.3% interest rate for things like school fees and household projects. This aligns with how Sholi was originally founded in 2008, as an agricultural mutual assistance group to support the livelihoods of farmers in their community.

This delicious coffee from Sholi’s Women’s Association is a testament to their collective model of working, a great example of what we can accomplish when we put our heads together. In Market Blend, the Sholi contributes notes of juicy red apple, brown sugar, and creamy lemon curd.


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Brewing Guide

Roasted to bring forward the best attributes of the coffees in the blend whilst maintaining balance and ease of use, we’re recommending a ratio of 18 grams of coffee to 40 grams of liquid espresso, brewed over 30-34 seconds.