The DRC has seen more than it fair share of trouble in recent decades that has resulted in a deeply unsettled and divided society. A civil war that has been on going since the mid 90’s and a troubled colonial past have both served to destabilise the regions economy; bringing the country to the verge of being a failed state. Widespread political corruption and exploitation of its rich mineral deposits have further exacerbated an already bad situation which has seen rural farmers suffer most.

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350g Whole Bean

  • Region

    North Kivu, Kavisa

  • Varietal

    Red Bourbon

  • Elevation

    1600 – 1800 masl

  • Farm/ Producer

    Various Smallholders

  • Process


Typically, the average coffee farmers only viable option is to sell on their annual production of cherry to a middleman; who often exploit the lack of access to market by paying incredibly low prices for the cherry. All of this however has begun to change with work that speciality coffee importers have been undertaking over the past several years. By offering fair and transparent means for smallholder producers to access the market, farmers livelihoods have been improved and a culture is beginning to form that is committed to producing exceptional coffees.

Coffee from Kavisa Washing Station is processed in the style typical to the Kivu region. Once picked, cherry is delivered to the station for processing within 12 hours where it is depulped and separated according to size and density. The parchment is then wet fermented for anywhere between 18 - 24 hours; depending on climatic conditions, before being laid out to dry on raised African beds for approximately 20 days.




As with many of the Kivu region coffees that we’re lucky enough to sample in the roastery we’ve turned to our trusty Chemex as the brewer of choice; primarily for its ability to share! A coffee this delicious and complex is best enjoyed with a friend. Kivu coffees typically have an elegant, structured body, offset by intense citrus and black tea notes. The Chemex does a wonderful job of highlighting these characteristics. A good starting point is 35g of ground coffee to 500ml water for a full balanced cup, variations of dose and grind size will yield differing results that each highlight a character of this complex brew. Expect to find a deep fruit sweetness, intense black tea notes, sultana and a bright, lively candied citrus acidity and cocoa nib body. Happy brewing.