Carmen Estate is a well established coffee plantation in the fertile Volcan Valley in Chiriqui, Panama. Carlos Aguilera, the farms current owner has been producing and exporting high quality Arabica coffee for the past 15 years, following in the footsteps of his father and his grandparents, Efrain and Carmen Franchesci who established the estate nearly 60 years ago.

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250g Whole Bean

  • Region

    Volcan, Chiriqui

  • Varietal


  • Elevation

    1800 masl

  • Farm

    Carmen Estate

  • Process


Whilst coffee production is the farms main export, cascara is far from a second thought. Great care and attention is required to produce a high quality exportable product. Each season Carlos makes a small selection of trees that are singled out for this special, limited processing. These trees are handled separately to the main coffee crop and require a focus on steady, consistent drying on raised African beds as well as additional nutrients and pruning.

Mould is a constant threat to drying cascara cherry, especially in a climate as wet as Panama’s. The onset of this mould can be devastating to a cascara crop and as such the best lots of cascara are routinely produced by highly skilled, knowledgeable producers. Cherry is dried over 21 days and is complete when the bright, red cherry husks have turned a deep maroon and have a resting moisture content of 8%. The cascara is then loosely bagged and rested in the estates bodega for several weeks before export.




Cascara makes a deliciously refreshing brew to enjoy in between coffees! Sweet, clean and light with just a little caffeine it is versatile enough to be enjoyed either as a hot tea or over ice. We’ve been playing around with recipes and brew methods and have been using 15g per litre as a starting point. Brewing the tea is really as simple as weighing out the dose and adding hot water to a French press and brewing for 4 minutes before serving. To serve over ice a slightly higher dose of 20g per litre to allow for the dilution of the ice works best with the natural fruit flavours being complemented by a touch of agave syrup and a slice of lemon.