Past entries

Brazil – Land of opportunity

There’s an awful lot of coffee in Brazil, this much we know.  Historically known as the global powerhouse of the coffee world its production has by and large been focused on commercial grades and quantity. Sadly this has often come at the price of innovation within the specialty sector...

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Motherland Farms Washing Station

My journey to Rwanda in June was an eye opener in many ways. None more so than my first visit to a washing station where I got the chance to see how the process works first hand and connect all the dots that I have read about and talked...

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Guatemala Finca el Hato – Back from the brink (A lesson in progressive farming)

This summer we began to work with an exciting new producer in Guatemala as part of our sourcing program for the Market Blend. Choosing a new coffee and producer is often the result of many months of emails, Skype calls which usually culminates in a trip to origin, so...

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