By now you are all probably familiar with the origins of Special Brü Version 1 - when two buckets of single origin coffee were accidentally blended together. From there it became a challenge for our roasters to combine coffees that were greater than the sum of its parts - to find crazy combinations that produced exceptional filter blends. 

Version 37 was an absolute banger and was always going to be a hard act to follow. But thanks to the Anbalagan Bros, one of our favourite producers in Rwanda, we have combined a natural processed lot from the Shyira Washing Station with the Cooperativo de Mujeres - the all-women's coop in Colombia. 

This blend brings some seriously big flavours – a dense, jammy fruitiness from the Rwandan, pairing with some seriously sweet nougat, cinnamon and apple notes from the Colombian. This Special Brü is versatile, working beautifully as a pour-over, iced filter or cold brew, or even as espresso.