Happy New Year! We’re officially back on the grind and have a couple of tasty new releases just in from Colombia, Kenya and El Salvador. Both coffees on offer are characterised by excellent growing conditions and ethical farming practices and are guaranteed to keep your cups full throughout January.

Aldo Parducci, Single Origin Espresso

El Pacto is a family-owned and operated farm high up in La Cordillera del Balsamo, overlooking the El Salvador Pacific coastline. Compromising of 80 hectares of a rugged, steep hillside, El Pacto benefits from rich volcanic soil and dense frequent mists that roll in from the ocean; both of which provide ideal conditions for growing coffee.

This Red Bourbon is a natural processed lot and is an excellent example of the quality that can be found at El Pacto. Sweet, juicy and clean, this coffee has big tropical notes of pineapple and dark rum.

Special Bru, v.42

The primary component in this winter version of Special Brü comes from department of Huila, through our partnership with El Carmen, a group of smallholder producers we’ve been working with for several years. The secondary Colombian component is from farmer Santiago Londoño, grown at his farm Hacienda Mallorca in the southern department of Cauca. In addition to our two Colombians, we have also incorporated a Kenyan lot from the Nyeri region. Just like Colombia, Kenyan farmers have perfected their processing techniques, making them global leaders in the coffee world. These three components combine to bring us crisp red apple, Bosc pear, sticky toffee pudding, and a finish of warm winter spices.