Introducing the Gabi Master A

Using an ingenious method of restricted flow-rate pouring and exceptionally even-water dispersion, whilst also insulating the brewing chamber for perfect heat retention, the Gabi Master brews cups quite unlike any other pour-over brewer on the market - and requires no gooseneck kettle to do so.

The beauty of the Gabi brewer is the continual addition of hot, fresh water, slowly and completely evenly dispersed over the brew bed, with fast drainage. Using a coarser grind to allow a reasonably faster flow rate, and hotter water temperatures (we like using water just off boil) to increase extraction, the true potential of the Gabi Master can be unlocked. By not requiring the precision pouring of a gooseneck kettle, this brewer is approachable and easy to use, and even ideal for travelling with.

When we trialled this brewer in our quality control lab, we were consistently impressed with how it brewed sweet, clean cups with incredible transparency. Finding the process of dialling in so easy and repeatable, we moved with an ambitious plan - to use these brewers to serve our Finca Deborah Geisha at our Caravan restaurants, using an exceptional brewer to showcase an exceptional coffee.

After a resounding success as the Gabi Master exceeded our highest expectations, we are excited to offer this brewer to you, click here for more information.

To get the best out of the Gabi in combination with the Finca Deborah Geisha or any other coffee you challenge the Master with, we suggest the following brew guide, the same as we serve on the Caravan sites:



Step 1:

Place a filter – the brewer is suitable for bleached or unbleached Kalita 155 papers - in the brewer carefully to prevent the paper becoming warped, and rinse thoroughly with hot water (doubly so if using unbleached filters, in order to rinse any residual paper tastes away).


Step 2:

Grind 15g of coffee about as coarse as you would for a larger sized brew in a Kalita or v60 and add that to the brewer, giving it a little shake to level the bed.


Step 3:

Assemble the brewer on top of your decanter or mug and place on your scales, taring them off. Bring fresh, soft clean water to the boil and start a timer, pouring 150g of water into the funnel at the top of the brewer. At 1 minute, pour another 100g, and allow the water to draw down.


Step 4:

Once the brewer has stopped dripping, remove, swirl your decanter to mix the coffee and serve in your vessel of choice.