Giving back with our coffee

Image: Ethiopia - Jabi Tehnan - WaterAid


At Caravan, one of the few things we do take seriously is our coffee. Working with producers around the globe for over a decade, we know that it takes more than just good intentions to have great coffee.

That’s why we invest into initiatives that have a positive impact on the environment and within the communities where we work. This year, we’ve supported female coffee producers by sourcing over a third of our coffee from women. And through our membership with 1% for the Planet, we’ve partnered with environmental charities here and abroad, giving back over 1% of our revenue to fight global warming and protect the coffee lands.

We’re proud to support charities such as Project Waterfall and The Chain Collaborative and donated an amazing £5,000 to UK Coffee Week.


When you’ve been shopping with us this year, you may have spotted a little blue sticker on your coffee bag, which is there to mark that we've donated £1 for every 250g bag and £4 for every kilo of our Ethiopian releases to Project Waterfall and their project in the Jabi Tehnan district of Ethiopia.⁠⁠ So far we've raised over £2,000 and rising as we have more Ethiopian releases coming soon.


As part of our Female Producer Programme which we launched this year, we have committed to sourcing at least a third of all our coffee from female coffee producers and paying an additional premium of 10p per kilo.

Following our success hitting this target, we are upping the ante for next year. From 2022 onwards, fully half of all our coffee will be grown and sold by female producers – an industry-leading standard and a substantial investment into a better coffee future.


We’re super excited for the new year, not least because starting in early 2022 we are transitioning to 100% compostable packaging, made from sustainably sourced biopolymers, for all our retail coffee.

This builds on our introduction of 100% home compostable mailer pouches in the summer, and fully recyclable and home compostable materials for all our special releases, including our latest special release, the Galapagos Volcánica, and our Christmas Special festive blend.

And, having passed our organic audit in September, we’ll be launching our first Soil Association certified organic coffees next year to coincide with the launch of our new bags.  


And finally, to celebrate our Galapagos Volcánica special release which coincided with COP26, we donated £2500 to the Galapagos Conservation Trust, the UK’s only charity working solely towards protecting the islands’ fragile ecosystems and raising awareness of their endangered species and vulnerable ecosystems.

Coffee that looks good, tastes great and does good? Winner.