COP26 - Thoughts From the Roastery

As global leaders meet at COP26 in Glasgow to discuss the urgent action needed to fix the climate crisis, here at the roastery we’ve been in conversation about what we can do to educate ourselves and play our part in the solution.

Here’s what we know: climate change threatens the coffee growing regions many times greater than those outside the tropic zone, meaning that the people responsible for the coffee we love are the most at risk of losing their livelihoods.

Thankfully, there are a lot of people working to combat this threat, but more needs to be done. This year, we’ve ramped up our efforts to tackle climate change by supporting environmental causes via our 1% for the Planet membership and our work with charities such as Project Waterfall and The Chain Collaborative.

Throughout this year, we’ve been in the (long and complex) process of transitioning to plastic-free packaging, starting with our 100% home compostable mailer pouches which launched this summer.

Starting in early 2022 we are transitioning to 100% compostable packaging, made from sustainably sourced biopolymers, for all our retail coffee. Going further than this, we’ve become organic certified just this September, and will be launching our first Soil Association certified organic coffees to coincide with the launch of our new bags.

Look out for more info on our forthcoming compostable packaging and other efforts we’re making to become a more sustainable business coming soon.