Use up your waste grounds with coffee body scrub!

Love your body and the planet with this super simple, summer-glowing-skin,
circulation-improving, all natural, wasted coffee ground scrub


Coffee grounds make the perfect exfoliator for your whole body, improving circulation by removing dead skin cells naturally and making way for new skin cells beneath. Team that with coconut oil which an excellent skin hydrator and full of antioxidants - BAM! You have the perfect skin loving duo.

Store bought scrubs can usually contain harsh chemicals, which are not great for our skin and are definitely not great for the planet either, not to mention the packaging you buy them in usually being plastic.


Step 1: Ask your friendly Caravan barista for some used coffee grounds - you’ll need 1 cup

Step 2: Mix with - 1/2 cup fine sea salt (or grainy sugar) and 1 cup coconut oil

*option to add a scent- vanilla extract, an essential oil or even some cinnamon

Step 3: Once mixed, store in a glass jar (vintage mason for extra hipster points)



In the shower, once your skin is wet (duh!) and after your usual wash, grab a couple of handfuls of scrub and start at your feet, working your way up towards your heart slowly, massaging gently in a circular motion. Don't rush, take a few minutes to do this, then rinse with warm water.



Your soft, hydrated, pasty pins will be dying to get out in the sun, so you can rock those shorts!