We could hardly call ourselves a coffee roaster and restaurant & bar group without knowing how to make a perfect Espresso Martini. We’ve tweaked the recipe over the years but this one, in collaboration with expert chocolatiers, Bullion, is a firm fave.

Simply follow the simple cocktail recipe below to make the best tasting Espresso Martinis at home.

Oh, and if you're wondering which of our coffees to use? We recommend you choose our organic Market Blend and you can get it as part of our Caravan x Bullion Espresso Martini kit, here.

Vanilla Vodka 35ml
Bullion Cocoa Nib Liqueur 35ml
(No espresso machine? Check out our guide to make an intense cold brew instead.)
Bar of Chocolate
We recommend a single origin bar from Bullion!

Combine the vodka and liqueur in a cocktail shaker, before adding the shot of
espresso last.
Fill the shaker with ice and place the lid on, making sure it is on securely.
Shake up a storm, holding the shaker firmly for about 10 seconds. The longer you shake, the more crema foam you will get at the top of the drink.
Strain the drink into a pre-chilled glass of your choice.
Add a shaving of chocolate to serve.

Grind your beans (if not ground already).
Weigh out 125g of coffee and pour into a clean, dry container.
Add 175ml cold water and stir to thoroughly soak all of the ground coffee.
Seal and refrigerate for 24hrs, stirring once or twice.
After 24 hours, sieve off the intense coffee liquid using a tea strainer (do not use a paper filter, you do not want to remove the aromatic oils from the liquid)
Bottle and refrigerate for up to 1 week.