Curds & Whey


A signature drink created for UK Coffee Week

To celebrate UK Coffee Week, we have designed a signature drink that explores and celebrates the relationship between cocktails and coffee in our bars and restaurants. We have taken inspiration from the robust and vibrant flavours of our recently developed espresso blend, The Daily, in our re-imagining of a cocktail from a by-gone era, the milk punch.

Each ingredient has been specifically chosen to highlight and enhance the character and personality of The Daily blend. Aged alcohols create the depth and intensity, while the addition of citrus and spices add a dimension of complexity and sweetness. Non-homogenised milk is the final ingredient, which gives the essential body and balance to our Curds & Whey milk punch.


The players

Coriander seed
All spice berries
Star anise
Orange peel

Lemon peel
Lime peel
Unrefined cane sugar
Daily blend coffee
Golden rum
Black strap rum
Over proof white rum

Orange bitters
Aromatic bitters
Peychauds bitters
Un-homogenised milk
Lemon juice

the recipe

1. Using a sharp vegetable peeler, remove the skins from the oranges, limes and lemons, avoiding the bitter white pith and store in an air tight container.

2. Peel and core pineapple, cutting into fine chunks and add to stored citrus peels.

3. In a warm pan, lightly toast all of your spices together until fragrant, transfer to pestle and mortar and grind into a fine powder.

4. Add ground spices and un-refined cane sugar to citrus peels and pineapple and add the boiling water. Cover immediately so as not to lose any of the steam, this is the stewing period where the intense flavours combine. Allow to cool.

5. Add the intensely brewed Chemex and cover. Allow mixture to cool completely and refrigerate over-night.

6. Using a fine strainer, strain the liquid into a clean container, ensuring that as much of the debris has been removed as possible.

7. Add all of your alcoholic ingredients to the mixture and stir thoroughly to combine. Mixture should be very fragrant and pack a punch in flavour. This will mellow. Seal container and refrigerate over-night.

8. In a clean pan, bring milk to a rolling boil, ensuring to remove from the heat before any frothing or burning can occur.

9. Add boiled milk to coffee/rum mixture, followed by the juice of 4 lemons. The mixture will begin to curdle and split, don’t be alarmed, this is the clumping together of the milk fats and impurities.

10. A little at a time, strain the mixture through 4-5 layers of fine cheese cloth, which will separate the fats and solids until all of the liquid has been strained.

11. Discard strained milk fats and solids and store liquid over-night in a sealed container, this will allow any remaining milk fats to sink to the bottom of the container and clump together.

12. Repeat straining process once more to remove remaining solidified milk fats.

13. Bottle/store in clean container and keep refrigerated.